Since 1973, Steven V. Correia has been a vital influence in the modern glass movement. One of a select group of American glass artists who have achieved international prominence, Correia's work is collected and exhibited at leading art expositions and museums worldwide.

Correia began his career in 1972 while receiving his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Hawaii. Drawn to sculpture and design in high school, his tastes as an artist refined toward glass art as he experienced the fluidity of the medium and the excitement and spontaneity of creating with it.

UCLA offered Correia a scholarship as a teaching assistant while completing his masters degree in art. Although he later received a second masters degree in fine art from the University of Hawaii, it was at UCLA that he conceived the vision for his first company Correia Art Glass. Two decades later, Correia Art Glass is the largest studio in the country that still employs a glass making process called freehand blowing. Over thirty skilled artisans transform Correia designs into the finest contemporary art glass in the world.

The artist founded a second company in 1989, Correia Crystal. In this 9,000 square foot studio Correia and staff are dedicated to creating classically beautiful objects of original design from the highest quality materials available. "My vision as an artist is to be an aesthetic conscience, to create works of art that stimulate one's imagination and speak to the viewer with a soulfulness that demands attention."